Introducing: D1.classroom

Good morning, and thanks for spending part of your day with Extra Points.

Friends, I've got a big announcement about a new product that we're working on here at D1.ticker HQ that I could not be more excited to share with everybody.

It's called D1.classroom

I'm going to explain everything here, but if you'd rather watch a video, we made one of those as well:

I didn't expect this when I started Extra Points back in 2020, but an increasingly large share of my readership comes from college students. Multiple college classes have formally and informally used Extra Points as a textbook supplement. If you're studying Sports Management, Sports Business, or any course related to college athletics, finding accessible, affordable, and accurate information for students can be challenging! Many professors have found Extra Points to be a great fit for their needs.

We wanted to build off those early successes and create a new, integrated product that I really think provides a meaningful service for instructors and students, all at a very affordable price.

D1.classroom includes the following:

  • Access to Collegiate Sports Connect. Finding a job in the college sports industry can be tough, and Sports Management programs are always looking for ways to make that job hunting process easier for their students. D1.classroom students will all have access to Collegiate Sports Connect. Not only is CSC full of video interviews that are professionally enriching, but it's a database that plenty of universities use for their recruiting and hiring, even for entry-level roles. Schools like Clemson, USC, South Carolina, North Texas, Stephen F. Austin and more are all using CSC for their job recruiting right now.

  • All students will get access to paid subscriptions to Extra Points and the daily D1.ticker emails. I am also happy to speak to any class or athletic program, even if they don't use D1.classroom.

  • Instructors will also get twice-a-week curated emails on the biggest stories and themes in college athletics. These newsletters will include stories that we produced across D1.ticker, as well as the biggest headlines from other outlets. We'll also add suggested classroom discussion questions based on these stories.

We see D1.classroom as a tool to help overworked instructors get a handle on a rapidly changing industry, a tool to help undergraduates gain access to affordable information they'll actually want to read, and a tool to help students find gainful employment in college sports.

We also want to make sure this is an affordable tool! We remember how expensive textbooks are, after all.

D1.classroom costs just $4/mo per student

We're working with classrooms at large schools, like South Carolina and Washington and Northwestern. We're working with smaller schools, like Elon and Rochester. We're thrilled to work with classes at the D-1, D-II, D-III, NAIA and JUCO levels. The D1 thing is about branding, not because we only want partners at the biggest schools.

For more information about D1.classroom, feel free to reach out to me ([email protected]), or my colleague Kristen Eargle at [email protected].

I'm really fired up about D1.classroom because it hits the intersection of so many things I am deeply passionate about. I love teaching. A North Star principle of all of my writing is to try and make complicated topics more accessible. I feel a deep obligation to try and help others progress in their careers. I know how deeply overworked so many college instructors are right now.

I still want to write Extra Points for fans, for industry practitioners, for other reporters, and for anybody else that has a deep interest in the nuts and bolts behind college sports. But I also deeply believe these combined products can be a great asset in classrooms.

I'm excited to keep sharing them, and to keep building something exciting here at Extra Points.

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