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MAILBAG: I'm tired of writing about Covid-19 so here's a mailbag from my 5 year old daughter

Good morning! Thanks for spending part of your day with Extra Points.

So I feel like my last half-dozen or so dispatches have all been about Covid-19 in some capacity, usually focusing on the difficult financial circumstances almost everybody in college athletics is about to find themselves in.

I’ve written about this a lot, and will probably continue to write about this, because it is a massive story that will unquestionably impact college football for years to come. I’m going to continue to try and track this story and find interesting and different things to say about it, but I know I don’t want to write 30 Covid newsletters and I suspect you don’t want to read them, so I’ve been digging into my history books for other topics. I’ve found a few that I’d love to share, once I get enough peace and quiet to actually finish the reading. So, maybe in 2024.

But then last night, as I was giving my 5-year-old daughter a bath, she told me not to drain the water. She was busy rearranging her foam ABC bath toys, and told me, ever so matter-of-factly, that she couldn’t get out of the bath yet, because she “was writing her newsletter.”

So, what the heck, why not let her write the dang newsletter?

So I opened up my Twitter to questions, and I have attempted to transcribe my kid’s responses as best I could. I would offer the same privilege to my other kid, but she isn’t quite two, so her answers would be even less illuminating.

KID: (laughing) Utah!

KID: I don’t know who the BEST Disney princesses are. My favorite Disney princesses are Sofia The First, Elsa and Sleeping Beauty, whose name is actually Aurora. I don’t know why they’re my favorites, though.

KID: FROZEN II (emphatically) and also Frozen I.

KID: What?!? I do not understand this question. What even is the spot? This is silly.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: yes, actually, the spot was good)

KID: I love going inside the museum and seeing what’s inside! There are bugs and fishes and animal bones and skeletons and an owl!

KID: I think all princesses and superheroes are important, but I love Sophia the First and also Wonder Woman. I think Wonder Woman is also a princess?

KID: I do not really understand this question, but I am going to say…..yes.

KID: I guess…yes?

KID: WAIT I KNOW THIS ONE! IT’S TO GET TO THE OTHER SIDE! I think this one is a joke!

I mean, she’s probably right about Utah, and the museum in Animal Crossing IS pretty great.

I’ll have to ask her what she thinks about enrollment projections next week.

Thanks for supporting Extra Points, especially now, when quarantine and the constant refrain of Frozen II’s soundtrack threatens to turn my brain into jello. This newsletter is almost always about actual college football stories, so if you’re interested in that, please consider subscribing.

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