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Does any school really need THREE NIL collectives?

Good morning-ish, and thanks for spending part of your day with Extra Points.

Our schedules have finally stabilized a bit, and we have a second Going For Two ready for you this week.

In this episode, Bryan and I talk a little about our big scoop of the week, that Fox has quietly acquired an additional 10% stake in the BTN, bringing their total ownership stake to ~61%. We have more details about the money, the whys, the hows, and what it means, for our paid Extra Points subscribers, right here:

But we also found time to dig into another strange development we're seeing in the NIL Collective space. Most P5 programs have some sort of collective group supporting their athletes. But a growing number of schools now have multiple groups forming. Sometimes these groups have different missions, but in other cases, they're pretty clearly overlapping in mission, scope, and intended donors.

If we're counting "official", school-backed NIL marketplaces, I think Virginia Tech might actually be the clubhouse leader, with four different groups. Friend of the Newsletter BCS has a great tracker here.

So in the show, we explain why this happening, what the potential risks are, and where this whole everything is going next.

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Also, if you're interested in our friend's new board game, Envelopes of Cash, the link to the project can be found here.

Between reporting trips and other obligations, I didn't have chance to make any Connect videos this week, but my colleagues did. One that I'd quickly like to highlight concerns a potentially significant shift in the college sports calendar, one a proposed move that would make men's soccer a Fall AND Spring sport. Many college athletes like the proposed change (no more playing two games in three days!), but many support staffers, like trainers and SIDs, are against it, as they worry schools won't invest to lighten burdens during an already overcrowded Spring season.

To better understand why many athletes like the proposed shift, you may enjoy this video:

Here's what else we published on Extra Points this week:

Andy filed a FOIA to see what sorts of things Kentucky fans wrote to the school after the Wildcats were upset in the NCAA Tournament by something called a Saint Peter's ($)

I took a closer look at a recent run of students rejecting student fee increases to pay for athletic departments, and why this could be a major development for the mid-majors that so heavily rely on them for operational funding. ($)

Bryan and I dug into our colleague's report on the best AD jobs in the Big Ten, and I passionately argue that actually, Northwestern is the best AD job in the whole dang country, while he laughs at me.  ($)

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Does any school really need THREE NIL collectives?

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Does any school really need THREE NIL collectives?

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