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What will each Power Conference make in TV money over the next decade?

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As you might expect, thanks to the new additions of Texas and Oklahoma, and a new TV deal with ESPN, the SEC was projected to be the top earning conference, one that would distribute north of $100 million per school by the end of the decade.

The Big Ten, the next power conference to go to market, isn't far behind, clocking in at $94.5 million. Those two leagues have been the television heavyweights since the deregulation of the TV rights market, and given their brands and population, it would take a real shock for that to change.

The Pac-12, Big-12 and ACC are projected to distribute similar amounts by the end of the decade. But the sheer size of the revenue gap turned some heads within the industry last week. Navigate projects the Pac-12 to return $56.6 million, the ACC $55.3, and the Big 12 $51.9 million.

If those metrics are accurate, or even close to accurate, do we have a P5 in 2029, or a P2?

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