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Three final big takeaways about the Miracle of Saint Peter's

Good morning, and thanks for your continued support of Extra Points.

I've been thinking a lot about the Saint Peter's Peacocks this week, a sentence I did not expect to ever type when I founded this newsletter. That's March for you.

For our sister network, Collegiate Sports Connect, I recorded three Peacock-related interviews this week. I spoke to Florida Gulf Coast AD Ken Kavanagh about what actually happens once you make an unexpected Sweet 16 run as a 15 seed. I talked to MAAC Commissioner Rich Ensor about what the Saint Peter's run means for their league (as well as NCAA Transformation Committee updates and more), and also Saint Peter's AD Rachelle Paul, who is a remarkably busy woman these days.

All of these interviews are free to watch with a CSC account, which I highly recommend you set up. But, if you're not in the industry and just want to see the videos, here's my conversation with Rachelle Paul. Ssssh. Don't tell my boss.

I've also tried to read everything I could over the last few days, all to try and come up with some sort of unified March Madness upset take. I don't know if I'm able to do that, but based on everything I could absorb, here are three key takeaways I've picked up about what these massive upsets mean for departments, leagues, players and institutions.

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