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One conference realignment question is about to be resolved:

Good morning, and thanks for your continued support of Extra Points.

I'm down in Atlanta today for the NIL Summit, talking to athletes, brands, reporters, and more about what's going on in the NIL world. I'll be happy to share more insights from the event later this week, but today, I do have a bit of conference realignment news that may be of interest.

Most of the musical chairs from the last major round of realignment have stopped moving. With 2022-2023 starting in just a few months, the incentives to make any sudden changes aren't there at the moment. Administrators have been preparing for graduation, the conclusion of the Spring season, and perhaps taking a well-deserved respite from their phones, before the next onslaught of conferences, media days, and major discussions.

But there are still a few conferences considering potential membership moves in the short term. I had previously reported that the University of the Incarnate Word, fresh after Lamar's decision to return to the Southland Conference, was considering pivoting from its decision to join the Western Athletic Conference to remain in the Southland. Southland conference officials made it clear to UIW officials that they would love to keep their membership in the league.

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