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Inside an NIL collective *just* for Utah gymnastics

Good morning, and thanks for your continued support of Extra Points.

There are a lot of NIL collectives out there. According to Friend of the Newsletter Business of College Sports, we're at well over a hundred across D-I. Just about everybody in FBS has at least one, if not multiple, and schools as disparate as Grand Canyon, Bryant and Montana State can claim at least one.

Some of those collectives pledge to support athletes across all sports, but many of them are just focused on football and basketball. A handful of other collectives, like Friends of Basevols at Tennessee, are built to specifically support college baseball players, but groups specifically set out to support any women's sports are rare.

But one such group, Who Rocks The House, is about to form to support Utah's women's gymnastics program.

Which makes sense, because Utah Gymnastics isn't like most other programs.

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