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What will happen to Canada's NCAA football team?

A battle for the Canadian Court System

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Last week, Simon Fraser, a D-II school and the only NCAA institution in Canada, announced “the end” of their varsity football program. The school’s press release stated that “…as a leadership team, we concluded that football is no longer a feasible sport for SFU.”

Geography is a major reason for that conclusion. SFU previously played football as an affiliate member of the Lone Star Conference, a league full of teams in Texas and New Mexico. The LSC elected to end that relationship, and since D-II football barely exists in the Western United States, SFU didn’t really have a realistic place to go. It might be feasible for USC and UCLA to play all of their conference games across North America since they get Big Ten money. It isn’t feasible for a D-II school.

But maybe this story isn’t quite over yet.

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