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  • We analyzed the compensation of more than 50 high-major women's basketball coaches. Here's what we learned

We analyzed the compensation of more than 50 high-major women's basketball coaches. Here's what we learned

Good morning, and thanks for your continued support of Extra Points.

Real quick before we get to the story today. We're considering a few different tweaks to how we do business here at Extra Points, and would LOVE if you could take a minute or two out of your day to fill out this quick audience survey. This will help us find better ad partners, write more stuff that you want to read, and build a better newsletter. Thank you!

Now, to our friend Andy:

When Matt and I announced last September Extra Points' acquisition of the subscriber list for my old newsletter, Out of Bounds, we made some timely conference realignment jokes, so this is where I announce that I've entered the transfer portal. The playing time has been great at Extra Points and no, the program didn't run me off to create a scholarship opening for someone else.

I've accepted a job with On3, starting Monday, covering NIL and sports business. When I launched Out of Bounds as a side hustle in July 2020, I wanted to create an outlet to cover important off-the-field stories in college athletics and I thought maybe, just maybe, it could someday help lead to a full-time job doing just that. Writing for Extra Points the last nine months has helped make that a reality.

It's been a great ride, from calculating college basketball's buy-game champions and asking if NIL deals could slow opt-outs from bowl games, to the fun stuff like making up fake support staffer titles, creating an NIL rumor generator and scooping LSU on the announcement of its new subscription service.

Thank you for letting me occupy some space in your inbox once a week. You can follow me on Twitter @AndyWittry or drop me a line at [email protected].

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