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Big Ten Volleyball is about to reach an even bigger audience

News and notes from Big Ten Volleyball Media Day

Good morning, and thanks for your continued support of Extra Points.

On Tuesday, the Big Ten kicked off their second-ever Big Ten Volleyball Media Days event here in Chicago. I went last year, and even though I don’t regularly cover Volleyball, I wanted to swing by again to see how things changed from year to year, as well as catch up with a few coaches, reporters, and conference staffers.

In terms of raw news, the biggest announcement was probably the league’s aggressive new TV schedule.

Last year, the ESPN family of networks broadcast six different Big Ten volleyball games, including matches on ESPN2 and ESPNU. Of course, now that the Big Ten has signed a massive new broadcast agreement with FOX, NBC and CBS, ESPN is no longer a conference partner. That means no ESPN2 volleyball matches…or at least, not any ones that the Big Ten controls.

But that doesn’t mean that Big Ten volleyball won’t have an aggressive presence on TV.

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