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The latest we're hearing on conference realignment, from D-II to the Big Ten:

Good morning, and thanks for your continued support of Extra Points.

It's been a quiet few weeks on the conference realignment front, but that doesn't mean conversations aren't happening. I've been hitting the phones and reading the tea leaves, and have a few updates from across the country to share.

Let's start with UIndy

Back in August, we wrote that the University of Indianapolis was considering a reclassification to D-I, with the Ohio Valley Conference as their preferred destination. University trustees were set to vote on September 30 on what the school's next move should be.

A few unexpected things happened on the way to that vote. On September 19, UIndy AD Scott Young resigned, which is not typically something that happens right before a school begins a reclassification process. The school currently is operating with an interim AD.

Even so, the expectation from just about everybody I had talked to was that UIndy was likely to pursue reclassification. But on the 29th, I started to hear whispers that the school had a change of heart. And then on the 30th, the trustees voted...to take no action.

An athletic department spokesperson referred me to the school's central office for comment. A university spokesperson relayed the following statement to Extra Points:

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