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What I'm hearing about the release date for EA Sports College Football 25 and other updates

What to expect next month, what I know, what I don't, and more:

Good morning, and thanks for your continued support of Extra Points.

The true mission of this publication is to cover the off-the-field stories that shape college athletics. That means writing about lawsuits and TV deals, gambling regulations and statehouse bills, labor activism and fundraising, and much, much more.

But that also includes writing about video games, and I know that for many of you, that’s what you’re really interested in. So let’s talk about that.

In late February, EA Sports dropped a flurry of updates about their upcoming EA Sports College Football 25. The company released a trailer (even poking fun at widespread internet disbelief that the game was actually happening), and then a few days later, sent out NIL contracts to thousands of current athletes. 

EA declined to announce a specific release date in either update, instead stating that the game is slated for a “summer” release, and that the company would offer more details in an “official reveal” in May.

I have reported multiple times, as have others, that the company was targeting a release in July.

But now we’re approaching mid-April, and based on my mentions, DMs and inbox, the video game world is hungry for more definitive updates…if for no other reason than so they can start planning their PTO requests.

I’ve made some calls over the last few weeks. Here’s what I’m hearing about the current targeted release date, what folks can expect in May, and other ongoing tweaks with the project.

So when is this thing actually supposed to come out?

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